Model Railway Lighting Project

Wimborne Model Town - Software and Documentation

Introduction & Background to the Project

Full details of the the design choices made and the work carried out  during the development of this project may be found on the Wimborne Model Town website, see the Wimborne Model Town Railway Lighting Project Page


Copies of the documentation produced during the development of the Lighting System may be found, in Open Document Format and PDF, here.  These include the:

Within these documents, a full Parts List and Repair / Assembly Instructions for the system is provided.


Copies of the software used may be found here.  These include the:

Guidance on how the code may be developed and deployed is given in the Installation Specification.


All documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons, see the Creative Commons Website and the declaration within each document.  All software produced for this project is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence, see GPU Licenses and the copy of the license at GPL V3.

The software is deployed using piCore which is a derivative of Tiny Core Linux and is licensed under GPL V2, see the  piCore Licence conditions.